Tips for Planning a Childs Birthday Party

The birthday party world is getting rather competitive amongst parents of school-age kids. It seems like everyone is ready to go above and beyond to give their child a birthday party to remember. What if we could do it without breaking the bank? Even better, right! What kids will remember most are the experiences they have, not the toys in their goody bag that will promptly end up under your car seat! Johie the Clown has some tips and tricks to give your child a birthday party that will give them long-lasting memories.

Tips for Planning a Childs Birthday Party:

  • Kids just want to be kids: let them run, play, be loud, and be silly
  • Choose 1 or 2 activities: you don’t want your party to last too long so choose an activity or 2.
  • To open or not? Decide before the party starts if you will have your child open gifts while the guests are still there.Tips for Planning a Childs Birthday Party
  • Have the party at your home: venues can be very expensive and it’s better to spend the money on the entertainment.
  • Use Social Media: E-vites and events are very popular!

Johie the clown loves performing at children’s birthday parties. When you hire Johie, you can guarantee that all the kids will be engaged with a huge smile on their face. Check out the Party Packages! Contact Us today to get started.