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  • Hawthorne Balloon Twister

    Johie the Clown has all kinds of talents and one of the most popular ones is her unique ability to twist a balloon into a shape that will put a smile on a child’s face! Johie is the best there is for Hawthorne Balloon Twister. Children loves balloons! Whether they are filled with water, air, helium or twisted into their favorite animal; kids go crazy over them. Johie is always expanding her craft and learning new techniques to make BIGGER and better balloon creations. Balloon twisting if fun to watch and even more fun to play with. Plus, they are a great souvenir for your guests to take home.

    Johie love balloon twisting for large events and fundraisers!

    Do your kids love Disney’s Cars? Johie can make your little one a one of a kind Lightning Mcqueen to take home.Hawthorne Balloon Twister

    How about an Elsa Balloon for your little ice princess? Johie loves making all the pretty princesses smile!

    The fun doesn’t stop at just Hawthorne balloon twisting! Johie is a party clown that loves serving the community with her many talents. If you have never experienced a bubble show, click here to find out more. Contact Johie the Clown Here. See our Party Packages!