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  • Day Care Birthday Parties

    Day Care Birthday Parties

    If you have a child that attends daycare in the Hawthorne area you will be thrilled to know that Johie the Clown has put together Day Care Birthday Parties that kids go crazy for. This awesome Party Package is perfect for the day care setting and can be scheduled for week day mornings. Johie will arrive to your child’s daycare are provide them with a clown party that is perfect for their age! Little children really love Johie’s silly shows and her fun-loving nature.

    When you hire Johie the Clown to attend a party at your child’s daycare you will get the full party package which includes:

    • Johie the Clown
    • A small silly magic show
    • Face painting or Glitter Tattoos
    • Basic balloon animals
    • Dancing
    • Singing

    You might be asking yourself: What is a glitter tattoo? Click Here to learn more about this sparkly body art that kids go crazy for. It’s a fun and artistic way for kids to remember the occasion and have a “souvenir” to take home to mom and dad.

    Johie the Clown can entertain class sizes up to 25. If you are interested in day care birthday parties, Contact Her to today to go over the details and for pricing.

    Day Care Birthday Parties

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    Hawthorne Balloon Twister

    Hawthorne Balloon Twister

    Johie the Clown has all kinds of talents and one of the most popular ones is her unique ability to twist a balloon into a shape that will put a smile on a child’s face! Johie is the best there is for Hawthorne Balloon Twister. Children loves balloons! Whether they are filled with water, air, helium or twisted into their favorite animal; kids go crazy over them. Johie is always expanding her craft and learning new techniques to make BIGGER and better balloon creations. Balloon twisting if fun to watch and even more fun to play with. Plus, they are a great souvenir for your guests to take home.

    Johie love balloon twisting for large events and fundraisers!

    Do your kids love Disney’s Cars? Johie can make your little one a one of a kind Lightning Mcqueen to take home.Hawthorne Balloon Twister

    How about an Elsa Balloon for your little ice princess? Johie loves making all the pretty princesses smile!

    The fun doesn’t stop at just Hawthorne balloon twisting! Johie is a party clown that loves serving the community with her many talents. If you have never experienced a bubble show, click here to find out more. Contact Johie the Clown Here. See our Party Packages!

    Bubble Party

    Bubble Party

    Are you looking a unique party idea in the Hawthorne, NJ area? Well, look no further! Johie the Clown is now offering a one of a kind INTERACTIVE show with bubbles. This is a show you have to see to believe. Little children get giddy when they see bubbles! But, what if they could be inside a bubble? That’s right Johie can make a bubble around your child. Its 100% safe and 100% FUN! This this will be an experience that your child will be raving about for years. The bubbles can be made to any size and can be large enough for an adult and child to be inside. The world looks pretty neat from INSIDE a bubble.

    bubble party


    Josie’s Bubble Shows can be done inside or outside if there is no wind. This is perfect for indoor parties and we love setting up at daycares and schools.

    Check out Johie the Clown’s party packages! We love providing Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Glitter Tattoos, and more at a price that won’t break the bank.

    Johie the Clown loves putting a smile on the faces of all little children! She has so many tricks up her sleeve and just when you think you have seen it all; there’s more. There’s no event too big or small, Contact Johie today and let the fun begin. See our Party Packages!

    Party Clown

    Are you ready to P A R T Y?

    Spring is here and it’s the season for parties, events, and special occasions! All the kids are ready for school to end and summer to begin. Let Johie the Party Clown entertain all your upcoming spring events. Johie brings her magical tough to all her events and to watch one of her Magic Shows is a real treat. She truly enjoys her work and it comes through in every show she does. Her shows are interactive and entertaining for all ages. Kids will stay engaged through the whole performance with Johie’s true connection to what makes children giggle. Guaranteed laughter and smiles all around!Party Clown

    Don’t Forget about Glitter Tattoos! This kind of skin art is completely safe and a great way you express personality and fun. Glitter Tattoos are made with a medical grade adhesive and then body glitter is added on top. Stencils are used to get the perfect shape. Check them out Here!

    Contact Johie the Party Clown today to reserve your party or event! Johie loves coming out to the Hawthorne area and entraining people of all ages. You won’t be disappointed, call today! See Our Party Packages!