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  • Hawthorne Entertainer For Hire

    Hawthorne Entertainer For Hire

    Are you looking a Hawthorne Entertainer for Hire? You have come to the right place! Johie the Clown is the premier party clown, serving Hawthorne, NJ. Johie loves entertaining at all kinds of events: birthday parties, carnivals, schools, churches, corporate events, daycare parties, graduations, and more. Anytime you want to a smile on a child’s face; add the whimsical fun of a kids party clown. Johie the party clown has a great variety of talents that she has perfected over the years and knows just how to make a party fun. Some of her many talents include face painting, balloon twisting, and more. Check out this blog on planning a childs Birthday Party!

    Party Clown:

    • Bubble Parties: All kids love bubbles! Our bubble parties are truly one of a kind and even adults are amazed at what Johie can do with bubbles. She can create a bubble around children. Kids will get a first-hand look at life through a giant bubble.
    • Face Painting: Johie the Clown is a great artist and can paint a variety of different things on your face. Does your little one love butterflies or want to be a T-rex? This Hawthorne party clown can do it all! Most of our party packages include face painting, it’s our most popular activity. If you are thinking of having a carnival party, checkout this blog on Carnival Themes.

      Hawthorne Entertainer For Hire

      Face Painting in Hawthorne, NJ

    • Glitter Tattoos: Glitter tattoos have taken body & face painting to a whole new level. You pick the fun design you want like a flower or a car and Johie will create a beautiful glitter painting right on your skin.
    • Magic Shows: Johie the Clown will get your party ramped up with upbeat music and unique and new magic tricks. Kids and adults love her show and kids get engaged quickly and stayed entertained. Johie the Clown’s Magic Shows are the perfect addition to any birthday with amazing tricks, magnetic personality, and a great sense of humor!
    • Balloon Twisting: After years of practice, Johie can twist balloons into a variety of fun and exciting things such as Flowers, Animals, Disney Designs and Much More! We also have a variety of colors and styles available to customize and fit any party theme! So, whether your child wants a beautiful Bouquet, a Disney Princess, Airplane, or Power Ranger, Johie the Clown has you covered!

    We Have Great Party Packages That Are Perfect For All Events!

    1. Bubbles Package
    2. Day Care & Birthday Special
    3. Extravaganza Package
    4. Glitter & Fun Package
    5. Party to Remember Package

    Entertainers For Hire

    Balloon Twisting in Hawthorne,NJ


    And More! See All of Our Great Party & Event Packages.

    Johie the Clown is located in Hawthorne, NJ but services all the surrounding areas. Check out all the Service Areas to make sure your city is listed! If this is your first time to hire a Hawthorne Professional Clown, check out our FAQ Section to learn more about what to expect.

    Hawthorne Bubble Shows

    Hawthorne Bubble Shows

    Party Clown Have you ever seen a bubble show? This show is a spectacular sight to see anywhere, but in the New Jersey town of Hawthorne Bubble Shows with Johie the Clown are truly a sight to see! People of all ages will be amazed as Johie the Clown manipulates bubbles for a show full of wonder! 

    Bubbles have a certain charm and mystery about them as they float through the air. Kids love to chase them and pop them right before their eyes. What if you could actually be inside of a bubble? Johie the Clown’s show gives you this splendid opportunity! You will literally be inside your very own bubble! 

    The bubble show not only captures the attention of little ones with the interactive fun, but kids will be exposed to a little bit of science and learning along the way. This is truly a one of a kind experience for children and adults.  



    A Bubble Show would be great for: 

    • Birthday Parties 
    • School Events 
    • Fundraisers 
    • Community Events 
    • Company Picnics 

    Johie the Clown has a bag full of talents that she can bring to any event. Face Painting and Balloon Twisting are always popular choices! Kids love getting to pretend to be a zoo animal or a pretty fairy for a day with a little face paint. Who doesn’t love getting to take home a little piece of the party with a classic balloon animal?  

    A child’s smile makes Johie the Clown the happiest clown in the entire universe! Pick a Party Package and not only will the children be smiling from ear to ear, but so will Johie the Clown. These packages are designed to give you the best experience that is budget friendly. 

    Contact Johie the Clown today and set up your reservations for the happiest party or event you’ve ever been to!  

    Hawthorne Bubble Shows

    Johie The Clown “Kids Party Entertainer”

    Hawthorne Party Package

    Hawthorne Party Package

    Johie the clown is the premier party clown in Hawthorne, NJ! When you think party clown; what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Fun? Games? Entertainment? When you contact Johie, you will get all that and more. She is a unique party entertainer that kids love and adults enjoy to watch as well. She does more than just act silly and make balloon animals! She has bubble shows that are out of this world. Bubble shows are guaranteed to “wow” all the children and will quickly put a smile on your child’s face. Learn more about the Bubble Shows. If you are thinking you want to see a little bit or a lot of Johie’s unique talents; you are in luck. She has out together party packages to make it easier for you to decide exactly what you want for your party or event. These Hawthorne Party Packages also help you stay within your party budget.Hawthorne Party Package

    Selecting a party clown for your party, festival, or carnival is important! With Johie you will be getting an entertainer that really cares about putting a smile on the faces of children. Her passion for her work shows in everything that she does.

    Check our Party Packages! With 6 different options to fit your party needs. Contact Us today and let Johie the Clown bring the smiles to your party.

    Face Painting Hawthorne

    Face Painting Hawthorne

    Face Painting Hawthorne is an age-old way for kids to have fun at parties and events! When you hire a face painter for carnivals, festivals, and birthdays you can guarantee that kids and event adults will be lined up to take their turn. Johie the Clown has a special and gentle way with children and can create the most beautiful art on their little faces. Kids love transforming into their favorite cartoon character, a butterfly, or a princess just with a little face paint. Johie only uses FDA approved and safe paint for faces.


    kids party entertainer

    Johie also offer the very popular glitter tattoos! A glitter tattoo takes face painting to a whole new level. This awesome tattoos use medical grade adhesive and body glitter along with a stencil to create the perfect shape of any design children could want. These tattoos do require a little more time and are recommend for children over 3 that can sit still for a bit longer.


    glitter tattoo

    Johie the Clown has lots of talents and face painting Hawthorne is one of her favorites! If you are hosting a birthday party or event, contact Johie today and let this lovable clown entertain all the children and even the adults. See our Party Packages!



    Party Clown

    Welcome to the magical world of Johie the Clown, the #1 party clown in Hawthorne, NJ! Children and adults alike will be charmed and entertained with the silly antics and larger than life personality of this one of a kind clown. Johie offers a variety of services that will keep smiles on children’s faces for hours.

    Here are some of the services provided:

    • Face Painting
    • Glitter Tattoos
    • Magic Shows
    • Balloon Twisting
    Selecting a party clown for your party, festival, or carnival is important! With Johie you will be getting an entertainer that really cares about putting a smile on the faces of children. Her passion for her work shows in everything that she does.
    Check our Party Packages! With 6 different options to fit your party needs. Contact us today and let Johie the Clown bring the smiles to your party.

    Party Clown