Ramsey Party Clown 

Ramsey Party Clown 

Ramsey, NJ are you planning a birthday party or event? Johie The Clown is now booking for parties and events! Johie is a party clown that brings a great show along with big smiles. All ages enjoy Johie The Clown’s performances and love to join in the fun. Johie is more than just a party clown she is a performer that brings several options for entertainment. party clown Ramsey

  • Face painting-All of your guests will be transformed into fantasy characters! Johie uses non-toxic skin-safe face paint. 
  • Glitter tattoos-Fun glitter tattoos are non-toxic and remove easily with soap and water. 
  • Magic showsJohie will wow everyone with her silly magic show, guaranteed to make everyone smile. 
  • Balloon twisting-Who doesn’t love a fun balloon animal? 
  • Bubble shows-Bubble shows are amazing. Have you ever seen someone suspended inside of a bubble? Johie can bring bubble fun to your next event. 

Johie offers great packages for every price point and age group!

  • Bubble only package– A 30-minute bubble show with Johie The Clown 
  • Daycare Birthday special– for 25 kids or less this package is available on weekday mornings only and includes 1.5 hours of fun. 
  • Extravaganza package-2 hours of fun for 25 kids or less. This package includes Johie the Clown, magic or bubble show, face painting or glitter tattoos, balloon animals, music and movement, and cotton candy!  
  • Glitter and fun package– 20 kids or less with 1 hour of fun! Includes glitter tattoos, parachute and bubble fun, balloon twisting, and interactive games! 
  • Party to remember package-2 hours with Johie the clown and silly magic or bubble show, face painting or glitter tattoos, balloon animals, music and movement, games and fun, a photographer and cotton candy! 
  • Sweet Magic or Bubble packageJohie the Clown will entertain up to 25 kids with a magic or bubble show, music, dancing, and games as well as balloon figures and cotton candy.  bubble shows Ramsey

Johie the Clown’s photo gallery will show you some of the great parties that Johie has already been a part of! Need ideas decorating for a Johie the Clown Party? This site has some great decoration ideas and tips for a carnival-themed party to remember! Johie travels to several great cities in the NY and NJ service area! Don’t see your city? Don’t panic just contact Johie and ask, she may be available to travel to you. If you are needing a custom party package you can fill out the online form to get a quote! Johie’s testimonials prove time and time again how much kids and adults both love the performance and fun that she brings to every event. From birthday parties, church functions, school events and more contact Johie The Clown today and create a spectacular event to remember. 

Excess County Party Clown 

Excess County Party Clown 

Party Clowns are always fun and Johie the Clown is the ultimate! From her silly smile to her professionalism and dedication to bring smiles on everyone’s face, Johie the Clown is a perfect entertainer for any event! Johie offers more than just clown services check out some of the other great party services excess county party clown

  • Face Painting-Perfect for birthday parties and school functions, face painting transforms any child into their own character of choice. 
  • Glitter Tattoos-Fun for most ages, glitter tattoos are a fun and creative way for kids to show off some self-expression! 
  • Magic Shows-let Johie the Clown wow your guests with a fun, magical and silly magic show! 
  • Balloon Twisting-What is a clown without balloon twisting? Balloon twisting offers kids a cute balloon twisted into all types of things from flowers to Disney princesses! 
  • Bubble Shows-Bubble shows are a favorite among party add-ons! Kids and adults both love the fun of being fully enclosed in a giant bubble and chasing all the fun bubbles! 

Party Packages 

  1. Bubbles only package-Includes 30 minutes of Johie the Clown and a bubble show 
  2. Daycare Birthday Special-Includes 1.5 hours with clown and a small silly magic or fun bubble show face painting or glitter tattoos, basic balloon animals, dancing and lots of fun 
  3. Extravaganza package-Includes 2 hours of fun with Johie the clown, silly magic show or bubble show, face painting or glitter tattoos, balloon animals, music and movement, and cotton candy 
  4. Glitter and fun package-Includes 1 hour of fun with glitter tattoos, parachutes and bubbles, balloon twisting and interactive games 
  5. Party package 1-1 hour with face painting (no clown attire), and basic balloon animals 
  6. Party package 2-1 hour with glitter tattoo artist (no clown attire), and basic balloon animals 
  7. Party package 3-1 hour with clown attire, face painter or glitter tattoo artist, and basic balloon animals 
  8. Party package 4-1.5 hours with Johie the clown, choice of glitter tattoos or face painting, balloon animals and cotton candy 
  9. Party to remember package-2 hours of Johie the Clown, silly magic show or fun bubbles, face painting or glitter tattoos, balloon animals, music and movement, fun games, cotton candy, and a photographer 
  10. Sweet magic or bubble package-1.5 hours with Johie the Clown, magic or bubble show, music and dancing, balloon figures, and cotton candy New York Party Clown

Johie the Clown is sure to bring a smile to even the shiest of kids! She is based in New York but has a large list of Service Areas she travels to! Need some help with party ideas? Check out this great site to see some great carnival theme party ideas to go with your party clown rental. If you have any questions that our FAQ’s section doesn’t cover feel free to contact us. And while you’re here check out Johie the Clown’s testimonials to see what everyone is saying about her awesome performance! Contact Johie the Clown today to book your next party clown appearance and bring a smile to all your kids’ faces! 

Passaic County Party Clown 

Passaic County Party Clown 

Passaic County, NJ has one of the best party clowns, none other than Johie the Clown! Johie is an amazing party clown who brings smiles to the faces of anyone and everyone she meets! Johie has several services she offers and great Party Packages for every budget! Johie is more than just a clown she also offers these great party add-ons 

Johie is available for all types of functions, from church functions to birthday parties Johie’s fun-filled shows are a sure way to put a smile on anyone attendings face! Johie has several packages that can be adjusted to fit your party and events needs 

Party Package 1: includes one hour of fun for up to 15 kids! No clown attire here but does include face painting and basic balloon animals. 

Party Package 2: includes 1 hour for up to 15 kids. No clown attire but includes glitter tattoo artists and basic balloon animals 

Party Package 3: includes 1 hour for up to 15 kids. Clown attire is included in this package! Enjoy face painter or glitter tattoo artists and basic balloon animals. 

Party Package 4: includes 1 and a half hours for up to 25 kids. Johie the clown herself will make an appearance! Your choice of glitter tattoos or face painting, balloon animals and cotton candy! 

Check out Johie’s other great party packages Here. Johie’s has party packages great for all events and parties big or small and loves to visit daycares and church functions! Schedule your next event with Johie The Clown! 

 Party Planning With Clowns 

Wanting to plan a party or event with a clown? Johie is a wonderful party clown that can bring a smile to the most skittish of kids! Johie’s fun bright and colorful attire is heightened by her bubbly and fun personality. Her main joy in life is seeing children and adults alike smile and have fun when she entertains! Her shows can be as simple or as grand as you want and all parties can be customized for what you’re looking for! Want just a bubble party? You got it! Want something bigger? Check out our Party to Remember package! Sure, to be the most memorable party for you and your guests!  Party Clown in Passaic County

Need ideas to help decorate for your event? Check out this Site for great Clown themed party ideas! Johie The Clown travels to several cities. Feel free to browse our Service Area to see if Johie is available in your area! If you want to see some great photos of Johie’s previous events check out her gallery! Johie’s testimonials speak for themselves on how great of a clown she is! When you’re ready to throw your next party or event and want to make it memorable Contact Johie The Clown and get ready to dance and play the night away! 


Kids Birthday Clown

Kids Birthday Clown

Johie The Clown is Hawthorne, NJ’s top Birthday Clown. If you’re looking for something to add to your child’s next birthday party then look no more! Johie The Clown is not your average Kids Birthday Clown she also offers 

Johie The Clown does it all. Johie The Clown will put a smile on everyone’s face and ensure your party is one to never forget.  

 Kids Birthday ClownParty Packages 

Johie The Clown offers several Party Package experiences. Here are just a few but you can check out more packages Here. 

1. Day Care Birthday SpecialThis package is for 25 or fewer kids and is valid for weekday mornings only. 1.5 hours of Johie The Clown, a small silly magic show or fun bubble show, face painting or glitter tattoos. Also, enjoy basic balloon animals and lots of singing and fun. 

2. Extravaganza PackageThis package is also for 25 kids or less. Includes 2 hours of fun with Johie The Clown! Also a silly magic or bubble show, face painting or glitter tattoos, balloon animals, music and movement and Cotton Candy! 

No matter what the event Johie The Clown is sure to make it memorable and fun for kids and adults too! 

Clown Party 

If you think birthday clowns are a thing of the past think again! Johie The clown has been entertaining families for years in the New Jersey and New York City for years. You can see for yourself from her awesome reviews and Testimonials that Johie The Clown comes highly recommended. Having a Clown party is more than just giggles Johie offers several add on services that are sure to keep your kids and adults entertained. Like her Bubble Party Package, not only does she blow tons of bubbles but she can put you inside one! How awesome is that? Kids will also jump for joy when you book Johie for Face Painting. Johie is a talented face painting artist as well! Kids always enjoy being decorated with whimsical designs. Need Ideas decorating for your Clown themed birthday party? Check out these sites for some cool ideas. 

Events Hawthorne, NJ Party Clown

Johie The Clown is not only great for kids birthday parties but also for any event! Day care parties and school functions can be made amazing with the fun and entertainment that Johie The Clown offers. The best part is when you contact Johie The Clown she can help setup a package that will fit your event needs. Whether you want a Bubble Party or just a Glitter Party Johie can provide.

Being budget friendly is something Johie The Clown strives to offer for all of her events. Johie The Clown prides herself on bringing smiles to all the kids and adults alike that she performs for, and would love to help make your next event one to remember. You can click Here for a list of Johie The Clowns service areas to find out if she is available near you. Also, make sure you stop by Johie’s Gallery to see all the smiles she’s helped create so far and see why Johie The Clown will make your next party one to smile about.

Face Painter Hawthorne

Face Painter Hawthorne

Are you looking for a Face Painter Hawthorne? Johie the Clown is the #1 party clown that has spent many years perfecting her skills as a Face Painter. Johie has many talents when it comes to entertaining at parties and events. Her skills include: Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Magic Shows, and Bubble Shows. Along, with all these fun activities, Johie really knows how to entertain a crowd. Even the timidest of kids will quickly come out of their shell when Johie starts entertaining. If you think that the clown costume and makeup may be too much for your event, just communicate that when you call to book. Johie can curtail her performance to meet the needs or your party.Face Painter Hawthorne

Face Painting:

  • Disney Princess
  • Butterflies
  • Natures Scenes
  • Dinosaurs
  • Super Heros
  • Dragons

Face painting is not the only thing that Johie brings to the party! Do you have kids or a classroom full of kids that love balloons? Johie is a great balloon twister and can create a variety of shapes quickly. This is tons of fun for daycare classrooms, schools, churches, and birthday parties. Balloon Twisting is a blast to watch and kids will be amazed by what she can create. They will love the special balloon creation that they will be able to take home.

Bubble Shows

Bubble ShowsYou might be asking yourself “What is a Bubble Show?” A bubble show is a special presentation that Johie can perform just about anywhere. Kids love bubbles! But what is your child can be inside a bubble? Johie can create a GIANT bubble with your child inside! Bubble shows are safe and fun and will create a lot of giggly. Our bubble shows can be a part of your Party Package.

Magic Shows

Just like any good clown, Johie can perform spectacular Magic Shows! She will hype up the crowd with laughing, singing, jokes, and lots of fun. These magic shows are very interactive! Adults even love to get in on the fun.

Glitter Tattoos

A Glitter Tattoo is a design using medical grade adhesive and body glitter. Stencils are used to create the perfect shape of any design you can imagine. Whether your little girl wants a beautiful butterfly, or your little boy wants to root on the favorite teams like the local high school Hawthorne Bears, Johie the Clown can find the perfect design for anyone!

If you are ready to get the party started, Contact Us today!

Glitter Tattoos Hawthorne

Glitter Tattoos Hawthorne

Get ready for some glittery fun with Glitter Tattoos Hawthorne from Johie the Clown. Johie is the premier party clown in the Hawthorne area with tons of tricks up her sleeve! She has experience with Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Balloon Twisting, Magic Shows and more. All of these fun activities are perfect for Birthday Parties, Festivals, City Events, Day Care, School & Church Events & more! If you are interested in having Johie at your party, check out our Party Packages! We have put together all of the most favorite services at a great price!Glitter Tattoos Hawthorne

Johie the Clown Talents:

What Is A Glitter Tattoo?

Glitter Tattoos are sparkly creations that are becoming a huge hit at parties with kids of all ages. They are made with body glitter and medical grade adhesive! Johie uses stencils to create fun designs that kids go crazy for. Johie the Clown can create the perfect shape that your little one will love! Some people get glitter tattoos confused with face painting but they are very different. Glitter Tattoos can last up to 7 days and have a great sparkly finish. The glue and glitter are very safe but some people with sensitive or allergies may have an adverse reaction. If you have concerns just let Johie know so she can do a test patch before applying a large tattoo.Body Painting

If you want several of Johie’s services, then a Party Package is your best way to go!

Johie The Clown Is A Magician!

Kids love the fantastic magic shows that she puts together! She comes dressed up silly in a very non-threating way, unlike some more traditional looking clowns. If you think the dress up will frighten the little ones, let Johie know so she can accommodate. Kids are drawn to her magnetic personality and will be giggle from her great sense of humor. Johie’s magic shows are very interactive with jokes, upbeat music, and lots of games that will get the children involved and hold their attention. Boys, girls, and even adults will be smiling.

The fun doesn’t stop at just Hawthorne Glitter Tattoos Hawthorne! Johie is a party clown that loves serving the community with her many talents. If you have never experienced a Party Clown, click here to find out more. Contact Johie the Clown today.