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  • Hawthorne Entertainer For Hire

    Hawthorne Entertainer For Hire

    Are you looking a Hawthorne Entertainer for Hire? You have come to the right place! Johie the Clown is the premier party clown, serving Hawthorne, NJ. Johie loves entertaining at all kinds of events: birthday parties, carnivals, schools, churches, corporate events, daycare parties, graduations, and more. Anytime you want to a smile on a child’s face; add the whimsical fun of a kids party clown. Johie the party clown has a great variety of talents that she has perfected over the years and knows just how to make a party fun. Some of her many talents include face painting, balloon twisting, and more. Check out this blog on planning a childs Birthday Party!

    Party Clown:

    • Bubble Parties: All kids love bubbles! Our bubble parties are truly one of a kind and even adults are amazed at what Johie can do with bubbles. She can create a bubble around children. Kids will get a first-hand look at life through a giant bubble.
    • Face Painting: Johie the Clown is a great artist and can paint a variety of different things on your face. Does your little one love butterflies or want to be a T-rex? This Hawthorne party clown can do it all! Most of our party packages include face painting, it’s our most popular activity. If you are thinking of having a carnival party, checkout this blog on Carnival Themes.

      Hawthorne Entertainer For Hire

      Face Painting in Hawthorne, NJ

    • Glitter Tattoos: Glitter tattoos have taken body & face painting to a whole new level. You pick the fun design you want like a flower or a car and Johie will create a beautiful glitter painting right on your skin.
    • Magic Shows: Johie the Clown will get your party ramped up with upbeat music and unique and new magic tricks. Kids and adults love her show and kids get engaged quickly and stayed entertained. Johie the Clown’s Magic Shows are the perfect addition to any birthday with amazing tricks, magnetic personality, and a great sense of humor!
    • Balloon Twisting: After years of practice, Johie can twist balloons into a variety of fun and exciting things such as Flowers, Animals, Disney Designs and Much More! We also have a variety of colors and styles available to customize and fit any party theme! So, whether your child wants a beautiful Bouquet, a Disney Princess, Airplane, or Power Ranger, Johie the Clown has you covered!

    We Have Great Party Packages That Are Perfect For All Events!

    1. Bubbles Package
    2. Day Care & Birthday Special
    3. Extravaganza Package
    4. Glitter & Fun Package
    5. Party to Remember Package

    Entertainers For Hire

    Balloon Twisting in Hawthorne,NJ


    And More! See All of Our Great Party & Event Packages.

    Johie the Clown is located in Hawthorne, NJ but services all the surrounding areas. Check out all the Service Areas to make sure your city is listed! If this is your first time to hire a Hawthorne Professional Clown, check out our FAQ Section to learn more about what to expect.

    Tips for Planning a Childs Birthday Party

    Tips for Planning a Childs Birthday Party

    The birthday party world is getting rather competitive amongst parents of school-age kids. It seems like everyone is ready to go above and beyond to give their child a birthday party to remember. What if we could do it without breaking the bank? Even better, right! What kids will remember most are the experiences they have, not the toys in their goody bag that will promptly end up under your car seat! Johie the Clown has some tips and tricks to give your child a birthday party that will give them long-lasting memories.

    Tips for Planning a Childs Birthday Party:

    • Kids just want to be kids: let them run, play, be loud, and be silly
    • Choose 1 or 2 activities: you don’t want your party to last too long so choose an activity or 2.
    • To open or not? Decide before the party starts if you will have your child open gifts while the guests are still there.Tips for Planning a Childs Birthday Party
    • Have the party at your home: venues can be very expensive and it’s better to spend the money on the entertainment.
    • Use Social Media: E-vites and events are very popular!

    Johie the clown loves performing at children’s birthday parties. When you hire Johie, you can guarantee that all the kids will be engaged with a huge smile on their face. Check out the Party Packages! Contact Us today to get started.

    Balloon Twister Hawthorne

    Balloon Twister Hawthorne

    Children go crazy for balloons! What better way to get all the kids jumping for joy than with a balloon twister Hawthorne? Johie the Clown has perfected the fun art of balloon twisting! These balloon creations are more than just your basic flower; Johie can give your child a balloon shaped as their favorite cartoon character or beautiful princess. Johie is a playful party clown that always brings a big smile and loads of fun to any party or event. Balloon twisting is just one of her amazing talents!

    Party Clown Talents:

    Johie the Clown loves entertaining children of all ages! If you are hosting a birthday party, daycare or school event, festival, shower, or just anytime there are children to entertain; add some fun with a party clown.

    Johie the Clown is located in Hawthorne, NJ but services all the surrounding areas. Check out all the Service Areas to make sure your city is listed!

    Johie the Clown has lots of talents and balloon twister Hawthorne is one of her favorites! If you are hosting a birthday party or event, contact Johie today and let this lovable clown entertain all the children and even the adults.

    Hawthorne Bubble Shows

    Hawthorne Bubble Shows

    Party Clown Have you ever seen a bubble show? This show is a spectacular sight to see anywhere, but in the New Jersey town of Hawthorne Bubble Shows with Johie the Clown are truly a sight to see! People of all ages will be amazed as Johie the Clown manipulates bubbles for a show full of wonder! 

    Bubbles have a certain charm and mystery about them as they float through the air. Kids love to chase them and pop them right before their eyes. What if you could actually be inside of a bubble? Johie the Clown’s show gives you this splendid opportunity! You will literally be inside your very own bubble! 

    The bubble show not only captures the attention of little ones with the interactive fun, but kids will be exposed to a little bit of science and learning along the way. This is truly a one of a kind experience for children and adults.  



    A Bubble Show would be great for: 

    • Birthday Parties 
    • School Events 
    • Fundraisers 
    • Community Events 
    • Company Picnics 

    Johie the Clown has a bag full of talents that she can bring to any event. Face Painting and Balloon Twisting are always popular choices! Kids love getting to pretend to be a zoo animal or a pretty fairy for a day with a little face paint. Who doesn’t love getting to take home a little piece of the party with a classic balloon animal?  

    A child’s smile makes Johie the Clown the happiest clown in the entire universe! Pick a Party Package and not only will the children be smiling from ear to ear, but so will Johie the Clown. These packages are designed to give you the best experience that is budget friendly. 

    Contact Johie the Clown today and set up your reservations for the happiest party or event you’ve ever been to!  

    Hawthorne Bubble Shows

    Johie The Clown “Kids Party Entertainer”

    Day Care Birthday Parties

    Day Care Birthday Parties

    If you have a child that attends daycare in the Hawthorne area you will be thrilled to know that Johie the Clown has put together Day Care Birthday Parties that kids go crazy for. This awesome Party Package is perfect for the day care setting and can be scheduled for week day mornings. Johie will arrive to your child’s daycare are provide them with a clown party that is perfect for their age! Little children really love Johie’s silly shows and her fun-loving nature.

    When you hire Johie the Clown to attend a party at your child’s daycare you will get the full party package which includes:

    • Johie the Clown
    • A small silly magic show
    • Face painting or Glitter Tattoos
    • Basic balloon animals
    • Dancing
    • Singing

    You might be asking yourself: What is a glitter tattoo? Click Here to learn more about this sparkly body art that kids go crazy for. It’s a fun and artistic way for kids to remember the occasion and have a “souvenir” to take home to mom and dad.

    Johie the Clown can entertain class sizes up to 25. If you are interested in day care birthday parties, Contact Her to today to go over the details and for pricing.

    Day Care Birthday Parties

    Click here to see our last blog!

    Bergen County Party Clown

    Bergen County Party Clown

    When you contact Johie the Clown for your next party or event you are sure to get a the best when it comes to a Bergen County Party Clown! Johie is warming, loving and fun with all children and truly tries his hardest to put on their faces. She tries to give each child a great experience that they won’t soon forget with her silly antics, magic tricks, songs, balloon art, and so much more. Her talents are endless! Johie’s shows are completely interactive and kids will be up and on their feet singing, dancing, and joining in the fun.

    Johie’s Fun Activities:

    And more.

    What is a bubble show? Click Here to learn more about this unique party activity.

    Johie the Clown has great party packages that help you get everything you want for your party or event at an affordable price. Johie loves entertaining for birthday parties, school and church events, daycare parties, festivals, and anywhere there are kids to entertain.

    If you are looking for a Bergen County Party Clown, then you have come to the right place. Johie would love to come to your event, Contact her today!


    Bergen County Party Clown

    Hawthorne Party Package

    Hawthorne Party Package

    Johie the clown is the premier party clown in Hawthorne, NJ! When you think party clown; what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Fun? Games? Entertainment? When you contact Johie, you will get all that and more. She is a unique party entertainer that kids love and adults enjoy to watch as well. She does more than just act silly and make balloon animals! She has bubble shows that are out of this world. Bubble shows are guaranteed to “wow” all the children and will quickly put a smile on your child’s face. Learn more about the Bubble Shows. If you are thinking you want to see a little bit or a lot of Johie’s unique talents; you are in luck. She has out together party packages to make it easier for you to decide exactly what you want for your party or event. These Hawthorne Party Packages also help you stay within your party budget.Hawthorne Party Package

    Selecting a party clown for your party, festival, or carnival is important! With Johie you will be getting an entertainer that really cares about putting a smile on the faces of children. Her passion for her work shows in everything that she does.

    Check our Party Packages! With 6 different options to fit your party needs. Contact Us today and let Johie the Clown bring the smiles to your party.

    Party Clown Hawthorne

    Party Clown Hawthorne

    Johie the Clown is the one to call when you need a Party Clown Hawthorne! Party clowns are great for all types of event in Hawthorne. Johie loves entertaining at birthday parties, daycares, schools, churches, festivals, and any other event where children will be. Kids go crazy over Johie’s fun spirit and silly antics! When Johie arrives to your event will really understand her love for putting smiles on kids’ faces. She is the premier party clowns and has many talents for you to choose from based on your event needs.

    Party Clown Services:

    Face painting
    Glitter tattoos
    Magic shows
    Balloon twisting
    Bubble shows

    You might be asking yourself; what is a bubble show? Bubble shows are something you have to see to believe! Kids and event adults can get a look from the INSIDE of a giant bubble. That’s right, Johie will create a bubble around you. Kids love this! This is a one of a kind experience, for sure.

    Don’t plan the same old boring party, add a party clown Hawthorne! Your guests will be thrilled when Johie starts her marvelous and entertaining show. Click here to see our party packages available to keep you on your budget. Contact us here!

    Hawthorne Balloon Twister

    Hawthorne Balloon Twister

    Johie the Clown has all kinds of talents and one of the most popular ones is her unique ability to twist a balloon into a shape that will put a smile on a child’s face! Johie is the best there is for Hawthorne Balloon Twister. Children loves balloons! Whether they are filled with water, air, helium or twisted into their favorite animal; kids go crazy over them. Johie is always expanding her craft and learning new techniques to make BIGGER and better balloon creations. Balloon twisting if fun to watch and even more fun to play with. Plus, they are a great souvenir for your guests to take home.

    Johie love balloon twisting for large events and fundraisers!

    Do your kids love Disney’s Cars? Johie can make your little one a one of a kind Lightning Mcqueen to take home.Hawthorne Balloon Twister

    How about an Elsa Balloon for your little ice princess? Johie loves making all the pretty princesses smile!

    The fun doesn’t stop at just Hawthorne balloon twisting! Johie is a party clown that loves serving the community with her many talents. If you have never experienced a bubble show, click here to find out more. Contact Johie the Clown Here.

    Hawthorne Professional Clown

    Hawthorne Professional Clown

    What better way to entertain kids of all ages than with a Hawthorne Professional Clown? Johie the Clown loves her job as a clown and practices her art every chance that she gets. Clowns have been loved my children and adults for decades and putting a smile on kids faces is her main goal. She always comes dressed in full costume with her beautiful make up ready to party. If you think that clown make up would be overwhelming for some of the kids at your party, please let Johie know so she can adjust her usual costume. We want everyone to enjoy her silly antics!

    Johie the Clown Services:

    Face Painting
    Glitter Tattoos
    Magic Shows
    Balloon Twisting
    Bubble Shows
    • Dancing & Music

    We offer great Party Packages that will make your party affordable and fun!
    If this is your first time to hire a Hawthorne Professional Clown, check out our FAQ section to learn more about what to expect.
    Johie the Clown loves what she does and uses magic, jokes, music, and more to bring out the silliness in everyone. She is always finding new and fun ways to make people laugh! When you hire Johie the Clown you can guarantee a fun party. Contact her today!

    Hawthorne Professional Clown